Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage – Muscles, tendons and fascia can become damaged or impaired in many ways. Muscles get knotted and tense, and excessive stress can increase the pain and cause immobility. Imbalance or excessive tension in one part of the muscle / fascia continuum can cause pain and stiffness further along the line.

Trigger points (small areas of spasm within muscle fibres) may develop which cause referred pain in different locations. Pulled muscles (strains) and pulled ligaments (sprains) cause damage to the surrounding soft tissue and these and other injuries can cause severe pain in muscles and joints.

Remedial massage uses several specialised techniques to locate and repair damage and support and speed up the body’s own repair mechanisms.

What happens during a remedial massage treatment?

During a remedial massage session, we will trace the pain or immobility back to the original causes as far as possible.

In the first session we will ask you for relevant information about your health, past and present, and about any injuries you may have had give a general relaxing massage, to release tension in muscles, increase blood and lymph circulation, speed the removal of waste products in the muscle tissue, and regain flexibility in soft tissue perform specific tests for trigger points, scar tissue and muscular imbalance assess whether the pain is due to soft tissue damage or muscular imbalance and if so, how and why it has originally arisen give an initial treatment of damage or imbalances to reduce pain and improve mobility give advice on any exercises or specific massage you can do yourself

During subsequent sessions treatment will be tailored to treating areas of damage or restriction and restoring balance and flexibility to the system, diminishing the likelihood of further problems.