Myofascial Release

A tough connective tissue beneath the surface of the skin, enveloping the body, in an uninterrupted three dimensional web from the head to the feet. This tissue surrounds and protects every structure of the body, therefore, having a profound effect on how the body feels.

…it’s everywhere

In the normal healthy state, fascia is relaxed and wavy and allows a healthy environment for vital tissues to pass through without restriction.

When we experience trauma or inflammation, this web of connective tissue (fascia) become restricted, eventually losing space for vital tissue to pass through. This acts as a source of tension to the rest of the body.

The whole body-mind-spirit concept is also addressed with a technique called Myofascial Unwinding.

Working with the understanding that, in addition to physical trauma, negative emotional stress can be stored within one’s body for years.

Time does not heal all of these issues, and instead just buries them in the fascia.

This advanced treatment relieves the non-conscious internal bracing pain patters which could greatly influence the persistence of body pain, personal feelings, thoughts and attitudes throughout a lifetime.