Aromatherapy is an ancient yet timely and stunningly modern approach to total well-being that is in tune with nature.

A body massage with essential oils extracted from herbs and flowers and dedicated to a specific purpose such as relaxation or stimulation

Aromatherapy is a unique branch of herbal medicine that utilizes the medicinal properties found in the essential oils of various plants. Through a process of steam distillation or cold-pressing, the volatile constituents of the plant’s oil (its essence) are extracted from its flowers, leaves, branches or roots. According to Dr Schnaubelt, Director of the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy, the term “aromatherapy” is somewhat misleading, as it can suggest an exclusive role for the aroma in the healing process. “In actuality,” says Dr. Schnaubelt, “the oils exert much of their therapeutic effect through their pharmacological properties and their small molecular size, making them one of the few therapeutic agents to easily penetrate bodily tissues.”

The history of Aromatherapy?

The use of Aromatherapy actually predates written history. Combinations of resins, oils and fragrant plants were used in some form – for ceremonial, medicinal, or pleasurable reasons – in most ancient civilizations. Perfumes and aromatic plants were the basis for many of the early trade routes established among ancient civilizations.

Some of the earliest documented uses of Aromatherapy were in Ancient Egypt. There, 3000-year-old papyruses have been discovered containing remedies for many types of illnesses; some of the methods of application are similar to the ones used in Aromatherapy today.

The Ancient Egyptians used aromatic plants and their essential oils to create massage oils, medicines, embalming preparations, skin care products, fragrant perfumes and cosmetics.

Aromatherapy is the inhalation and application of volatile essential oils from aromatic plants to restore or enhance health, beauty and well-being. The basic intention of Aromatherapy is to bring together the scientific achievements of man with his intuitive understanding for the treatment of illnesses with the most effective and useful natural essential oils. Conforming with the laws of nature, the principle of Aromatherapy is to strengthen the self-healing processes by preventative methods and indirect stimulation of the immune system. Their field of activity is quite wide, ranging from deep and penetrating therapeutic actions to the extreme subtlety of unique fragrance.

Simply put, essential oils can be used to enhance health as well as the quality of life.